Rock and soil knowledge

1, uncertainty

There are certain uncertainties in the construction of geotechnical engineering. In the course of geotechnical engineering construction, it is difficult to accurately obtain all the data required by the construction site even in a comprehensive and detailed field investigation. Therefore, the staff can not have a whole and comprehensive situation on the actual situation of the construction site of geotechnical engineering according to the investigation report of the project. Know. In some geotechnical projects, the rock and soil properties and structure of the construction site are greatly influenced by the environmental factors. The changes of the ambient conditions, such as temperature and humidity, are likely to cause the changes of rock and soil properties and structure. In addition, in the actual construction of geotechnical engineering, it will inevitably bring certain disturbance to the underground rock and soil, and cause the change of the performance and structure of the rock and soil. The uncertainty of the construction of geotechnical engineering puts forward higher requirements for the construction workers. In order to ensure the construction period, the workers need to change the construction process parameters and even change the construction technology according to the actual engineering conditions.

2. Regionally

The construction of geotechnical engineering also has a certain regionality. There is a vast territory in China, and the rock and soil conditions in each area have their own characteristics. The different distribution of rock and soil layer in the site of geotechnical engineering leads to the large difference in the properties of rock and soil. This makes the strain stress relation of the geotechnical engineering construction in the local area different, which makes the construction methods of the geotechnical engineering in each area. [1] has a certain degree of change in the design parameters, the shear strength index and the project acceptance index. For example, the geotechnical construction in Northwest China (Shanxi, Gansu, etc.) needs to focus on the collapsible loess, and the southwest region (Chongqing, Sichuan and so on) should focus on the rock in the mountain area, but for the coastal area of China. The treatment of soft soil in cities (Shanghai, etc.) is the main concern for geotechnical engineering.

3, concealment

The construction of geotechnical engineering has a certain concealment. The construction of rock bolt, underground continuous wall, pile foundation and foundation treatment in the process of geotechnical engineering all belong to the construction of concealed engineering, which brings some difficulties to the construction of geotechnical engineering, especially the temporary situation in the construction process is more difficult to find. In addition, the normal use of the above works also has a certain degree of concealment. In order to effectively solve the possible problems of the hidden engineering in geotechnical engineering, in the construction process and after the completion of the construction, various targeted detection and monitoring methods are used to strengthen the quality control of the concealed engineering, solve the problems in time, and ensure the smooth progress of the construction of geotechnical engineering.

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