Geological exploration

Geological exploration is the abbreviation of geological exploration. Generally speaking, the synonym for geological work is generally understood. According to the needs of economic construction, national defense construction and the development of science and technology, there are different research work on rock, stratigraphic structure, mineral, groundwater and geomorphology in a certain area. For different purposes, there are different geological exploration works. For example, in order to find and evaluate mineral geological exploration for the main purpose of mineral resources, in order to find and develop hydrogeological exploration for the main purpose of groundwater, to find out the geological conditions for the railway, bridge, reservoir, dam site and other engineering geological conditions. The geological survey also includes various scales of regional geological survey, marine geological survey, geothermal investigation and geothermal exploration, seismic geological survey and environmental geological survey. Geological exploration must be based on geological observation and research, according to the requirements of the task, the principle of obtaining more and better geological results in a short period of time and less work, and selecting the necessary technical means or methods, such as surveying, geophysical exploration, geochemical prospecting, drilling, pit exploration, sampling testing, geology, and geology. Remote sensing and so on. The use or construction process of these methods is also the scope of geological exploration. In a narrow sense, in the actual geological work in China, the geological exploration work is divided into 5 stages, namely, the regional geological survey, the census, the detailed investigation, the exploration and the exploration and exploration.